The operating system is a flavor of Linux that is small with a command line interface only since this is a 667mhz Via Eden processor which is kind of low in the horsepower department. The web server is thttpd which does not take up much space since this is running all from a compact flash ssd, space is at a premium.

This is the New Donkeyserver, it runs on 11 watts of power and is alot faster then the old Donkeyserver, a DVD case is next to it for size comparison, it is setting on a semi- portable CD drive used to install files on the server.  

Another view of the Donkeyserver.

This is the Amiga 2000 computer ,has 4meg ram ST225 (40 meg) harddrive, O scope is used to verify laser display output, still works. PS: The trackball is actaully a Que Ball, also the trackball has been modified from a Joystick output to a proportional output since at the time proportional trackballs were very expensive.